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3 things you must learn to start your cloud native journey


In a previous post a talked about what cloud native is all about. In this post I’ll share three topics you should master if you want to start on your own cloud native journey. developer mindset Managing infrastructure and platforms is more and more becoming similar to developing software. Therefore it is important to use the same mindset and technologies that software developers use to...

What cloud native is all about


Do you consider yourself an “infra” girl/guy? Or maybe a “virtualization guru”? Are you getting skeptical when people throw terms like “cloud native” or “serverless” at you? After all, without infra none of this would be possible right? So it’s OK to stay in you infra comfort zone because you know infra as we know it will be around for...

Should K8s run on VMs?


This morning I saw the VMware twitter account tweet a link to this blog post from Chip Zoller. It’s about why it’s better to run Kubernetes on VMs as opposed to running it on base-metal. I think the post is a good read so before you proceed please checkout Chips post first. That being said, I think there are some arguments in there that are not 100% valid. I’ll give you the...

Kubernetes opinions


I have recently been working with and learning about kubernetes quite a lot.  I have also spent a lot of time with Cloudfoundry and BOSH over the last few years so I can’t help myself and compare these different products. Let me start of by saying that BOSH, Kubernetes and Cloudfoundry are complementing each other in terms of functionality. I’ll probably write a separate post on...

VMware Cloud Native Master Specialist Exam


I recently passed the VMware Cloud Native Master Specialist Exam. The what? yeah…. Let me explain. By passing this exam you’ll earn a badge called “Cloud Native Master Specialist”. And according to VMware: Earning this badge will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to architect a Kubernetes-based platform supported by complimentary...

Certified Kubernetes Admin (CKA) exam tips


I recently passed the certified Kubernetes Admin exam. Head here for more info on the program. The CKA exam is a live lab exam and I heard from quite a few people that they struggled to complete all tasks within the 3 hours you’re allotted to finish the exam. Since I finished the exam early (29 minutes left on the clock) I thought I’d give some hints that will save you some time...

Concourse behind a proxy


I recently had to deploy concourse 5 behind a web proxy. All seemed well after deploying it but then something surprising happened… Surprising to me at least. Which mostly shows my lack of knowledge of using a proxy on a Linux machine. I normally try to avoid this since, in my experience, not all Linux applications behave nicely behind a proxy. When you use BOSH to deploy Concourse setting...

ARMing Cloudfoundry


Earlier this year Ruurd Keizer and I presented Cloud foundry Diego cells running on raspberry Pi. For the CF Summit in Basel we decided the scale things up a bit. This CF Summit we presented a complete Cloud foundry foundation running on a 96 core enterprise ARM machine. If you want to see our talk and demo you can checkout the recording of our session at CF Summit: But Why? There is more than...

My public speaking story


Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms, can’t eat very well and don’t feel like talking to anybody. If you’re a little bit like me you know when you feel this way. Yes! shortly before delivering a talk to more than 4 people! If you get sick to your stomach just thinking about public speaking then keep reading. Because I used to feel just like you. once upon a time Back when I...

10 Videos 5 Cool BOSH features


Yesterday I released the 10th video in the BOSH tutorial series. I know BOSH can have a steep learning curve but if you have been following along you should now at least know what BOSH is and how to use it to deploy software. You should also be aware of most of the features that make BOSH so cool and help make your life easier. Just to be sure I’ll list some of the cool things about BOSH...

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