Hey, I am Christiaan Roeleveld and I work as a consultant for ITQ in the Netherlands. My main focus currently is Cloud Foundry and everything in the CF ecosystem such as Concourse and BOSH. In the past I used to work a with VMware products and I still do from time to time. In the VMware world my specialization is automation. Which means I know my way around VMware vRA and vRO. You’ll see that reflected in some of my older blogs.

I also run a Youtube channel called BOSH Rocks!┬áSo if you’re interested in BOSH you should definitely take a look there.



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Dennis Hoegen Dijkhof
Dennis works for ITQ and works with VMware products since 2005. With his 15 years of experience in IT he can really add value to customers. Dennis his passion is to innovate big datacenters by using the latest technologies. Due to his passion he developed into a true expert on virtualization with VMware technologies. To share his passion and knowledge Dennis is active within the VMware community and is a member of the Netherlands VMUG leadership team (NLVMUG).