Running vRA 6.2 without Windows


After the release of vRA 6.2 I wanted to setup a small lab on my laptop. I really didn’t feel like creating a windows machine and getting SQL and AD up and running. So I tried running vRA 6.2 without windows. If you leave windows out of the vRA installation you’ll still end up with a useable vRA environment. I’ll go into what’s working and what’s not in a minute. Let...

vCAC Blueprint Configuration


Below is the vCAC configuration workflow about configuring a Blueprint. This blogpost is the fifth in the vCAC configuration series. The action blocks are actually clickable and will show you the matching parts of the VMware documentation in a popup window. [imagemap id=”240″] Go back to the configuration steps overview.   A couple of interesting vCAC documentation links about...

vCAC Configuration – Reservation


This blogpost is the fourth in the vCAC configuration series. Before a user can request a machine there need to be available resources, this resources are created with the Fabric groups. Within this fabric you can create a reservation. A fabric administrator creates a reservation to allocate provisioning resources in the fabric group to a specific business group. A virtual reservation allocates a...

vCAC Business Group Configuration


This blogpost is the third in the vCAC configuration series and will focus on the configuration of the Business Groups. A business group associates a set of services and resources to a set of users, often corresponding to a line of business, department, or other organizational unit. Business groups are managed on the Infrastructure tab but are used throughout the service catalog. Entitlements in...

vCAC Tenant Configuration


This blogpost is the second in the vCAC configuration series. With the second workflow on the vCAC configuration about configuring the Tenant, this workflow can be used to configure the default tenant. The action blocks are actually clickable and will show you the matching parts of the VMware documentation in a popup window. [imagemap id=”162″] Go back to the configuration steps...

vCAC Fabric Configuration


Below is the first vCAC configuration workflow. This one is about configuring the Fabric.
The action blocks are actually clickable and will show you the matching parts of the VMware documentation in a popup window.
In this example we used the vSphere Endpoint.
[imagemap id=”138″]
Go back to the configuration steps overview.

vCAC Configuration Steps


Installing vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) can be a challenging task. After doing several installations we found out that some people, just like us, struggle with the configuration. A while ago I created some workflows which describe al the necessary steps in this configuration. I thought this would be nice to share with you, as a guideline in the configuration. Each vCAC configuration step is...

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