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Enable SIOC on all datastores


Recently I had to enable Storage I/O Control on a lot of datastores. I did find this powershell script to do it. But being a vRO junky I obviously wanted to use vRO to do this so I quickly created a workflow  to enable SIOC on all datastores. Actually not on all datastores, the workflow asks for a filter string. All datastores which name contain that string will be skipped. Useful if you...

Orchestrator JavaScript speed test: .map()


A while ago I wrote a blog post in which I showed the performance difference between the array prototype function .indexOf() and a for each loop. Now it’s time for the second part of the series: Orchestrator Javascript speed test: .map() Test setup The test setup is identical to the setup I described in the previous post. Same machine, same vCO appliance. I did change the script that...

Automating vRA (vCAC) using vRO – Split Brain


Recently I have done some work on automating vRA (vCAC) using vRO (vCO). This meant I had to dive into the vCAC APIs. The bad news is that this felt like diving into a pool of dark muddy water. The good news is that I’m still alive, my headache is gone and I’ll try to capture some of the things I learned on this blog. Split brain In this post I’ll start out with an introduction...

vRealize Orchestrator 6.0 New Features


With the release of vRealize Automation 6.2 VMware also released vRealize Orchestrator 6.0. In this post I’ll explain the new features. You’ll find vRO 6.0 on the vRA appliance. There is no stand-alone virtual appliance or installable version for vRO 6.0 at this point in time. Sources tell me this will be released with vRO version 6.0.1. vRA 6.2 is build to work with vRO 5.5.2 so if...

VMworld and the future of Orchestrator


Last week I attended VMworld Europe in Barcelona. I had a great time, eating tapas, drinking Rioja and learning something new in between. I already wrote about elasticity achieved using project fargo and docker on my company blog. Since this blog is more automation focussed I wanted to highlight some automation news. OR actually it is more about the future of Orchestrator. The first thing that...

vCO exception handling 101


I come across quite a few workflow that look like the screenshot below. Since I don’t see the point in doing it like this I thought I’d do a quick vCO exception handling 101. In the screenshot above you’ll notice the red lines pointing to the red exclamation mark. The red lines are followed when an unhandled exception occurs in the the action, workflow or script. But just...

vCO LockingSystem


Whenever you are using external resources in vCO you might run into a race condition. This can happen when a workflow using an external resource is running multiple times simultaneously. To avoid data consistency problems you can use the vCO LockingSystem. Why lock? Imagine you have a vCO workflow which reads a counter from a web API, then changes the data, lets say add 1 to the counter, and...

Create Computer object in AD using vCO


When using vCAC to deploy Windows machines you really want your windows machines to automatically join the domain. Of course just joining the domain will put the machine in the default computer OU which often is not the right place. The easiest way to get the machine to join the domain in the right OU is to pre-stage the computer account. In other words: Create the computer account before the...

Automating SRM with PowerCLI


Update (11-sept-2014): VMware released a vCO plugin for SRM. So if you are looking to automate SRM with vCO don’t use the Powercli script below but use the plugin instead. Recently I was working on automating the deployment of VMs on a twin datacenter vSphere design. The failover is handled by Site Recovery Manager and the deployment of the VMs is taken care of by vCAC. Luckily vCAC has SRM...

Workflows vs. Scripts (or: Scripts are scary)


I originally wrote this blog post a couple weeks ago and was planning on publishing it today. I started the post with this line: “Let me start by saying this: Scripts are awesome!”. But today I read Duncans post titled “Automation is scary!“. And I partly agree with Duncan, automation can be scary. But I think not all automation is scary so I’ll start this post with...

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