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3 things you must learn to start your cloud native journey


In a previous post a talked about what cloud native is all about. In this post I’ll share three topics you should master if you want to start on your own cloud native journey. developer mindset Managing infrastructure and platforms is more and more becoming similar to developing software. Therefore it is important to use the same mindset and technologies that software developers use to...

What cloud native is all about


Do you consider yourself an “infra” girl/guy? Or maybe a “virtualization guru”? Are you getting skeptical when people throw terms like “cloud native” or “serverless” at you? After all, without infra none of this would be possible right? So it’s OK to stay in you infra comfort zone because you know infra as we know it will be around for...

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Christiaan Roeleveld
Chris works for ITQ and one of his passions is to share his knowledge and use his experience to find the best solution for his customers. Chris started his consulting career shortly after his first encounting with VMware back in 2004. In 2013 he shifted focus to infrastructure automation and recently made the shift to cloud native platforms.