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vRO Code – Finding VirtualMachines by Custom property


For the current project I’m involved in, I was asked to deliver a list of vRA deployed machines that have a Production status. At first I have been writing a short piece of code that obtained all vRA managed machines and for each machine gathered the customer properties. Creating this workflow actually took less time than the execution itself as the environment has about 4200 managed...

Inaccessible Tenant in vCAC


Just placing knowledge base articles on our blog is not our focus, but sometimes you stumble upon a interesting one. This article describes that tenants will become inaccessible and identity stores will disappear after deploying a template in vCAC. And because it’s about vCloud Automation Center it’s reason enough to share this with you. The first issue mentioned in the article: When attempting...

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Dennis Hoegen Dijkhof
Dennis works for ITQ and works with VMware products since 2005. With his 15 years of experience in IT he can really add value to customers. Dennis his passion is to innovate big datacenters by using the latest technologies. Due to his passion he developed into a true expert on virtualization with VMware technologies. To share his passion and knowledge Dennis is active within the VMware community and is a member of the Netherlands VMUG leadership team (NLVMUG).