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The ultimate software defined – FPGAs in the datacenter


Recently I have been playing around with this thingy: what is it and why are you blogging about it you might wonder. Well… it’s an FPGA development board. A what? Yes. An FPGA development board. I’m aware that a lot of people in IT infrastructure probably never heard about FPGA’s or maybe they heard about it but don’t really know what they are. Let me explain what it is before I dive into why I’m...

ESP8266 PV Logger


I have written about the ESP8266 before in my post about the magic button. For the button I am using the nodeMCU firmware which let’s you run lua script on the ESP. But recently the people over at created an Arduino IDE version which is compatible with the ESP8266. I was already using an ESP connected to an Arduino to log the output of my solar panels so I decided to try and run...

The Magic Button


On March 19th we used The Magic Button ( a.k.a “The What Does This Button Do Button”) in our demo’s at the Dutch VMUG UserCon. It magically  made a CoreOS cluster appear out of nowhere, Launched our demo app and then it scaled it out so all people in the room could open the page. Of course you want to build your own now. Here is how. Hardware The button itself is just a regular...

The brain of the Automate-IT robot


I recently posted an article about the automate-it robotic arm. I promised to go into more detail on the brain of the Automate-IT robot so time to awake you inner geek because here is a write up about the controller hardware and software that brings the thing to life. Controller Hardware The hardware for the controller is an Arduino Yun microcontroller. In case you’re not familiar with...

Meet the Automate-IT Robot


Time for a less serious friday afternoon post. Meet our new friend: The Automate-IT Robot a.k.a. r2vco2. It’s a robotic arm with a special feature: It can be controlled by vCenter Orchestrator. When I was preparing for the yearly ITQ Technical update session I was thinking of a way to show vCenter Orchestrator can do much more then just automating vSphere tasks. What better way to show this...

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