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What is Cloud foundry?


I recently did a talk at the Dutch VMUG UserCon in which showed how it it is to deploy software by using Cloud foundry. I recently mentioned it in a blog post as well. I also published a whitepaper on automation in which I mention Cloud Foundry. But I realized that in the VMware community Cloud Foundry might no t be very well known and understood. Instead of telling you all to “just google...

The Why, What and how of Automation


Today my first ever whitepaper was published. It’s titled: The why, What and how of Automation. Here is the teaser: The current digitization wave puts an ever increasing load on enterprise IT departments. At the same time the business is expecting shorter delivery times for IT services just to stay ahead of the competition. To keep delivering the right services on time enterprise IT needs a...

The right tool for the job


I work with vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator on a daily basis. And I really enjoy doing so, especially the custom code development part. vRO gives a lot of flexibility and it’s not often that I’m unable to build what my customers need. Whetever the request I usually find a way to emply vRA and vRO in such a way that if fulfills the customers need. But more and more often...

NLVMUG UserCon 2017


On Thursday March 16th the annual NLVMUG UserCon will take place. The venue will be the same as the last few years: 1931 Congrescentrum Brabanthallen. All authors of this site will be participating in the conference: Dennis is the dutch VMUG leader so in that capacity he’ll have the honor of opening the conference. Olivier and I will be hosting a Group discussion titled “Automation in...

Automated directory synchronization of the vRA Identity Manager


Disclaimer: The API documentation has not yet been released, therefor I would like to notice that this is currently an unsupported method of triggering a directory sync. During a recent project the customer requested the functionality to create a new business group with just one click. This should be a function to onboard new teams into the vRA environment, including the creation of Reservations...

The ultimate software defined – FPGAs in the datacenter


Recently I have been playing around with this thingy: what is it and why are you blogging about it you might wonder. Well… it’s an FPGA development board. A what? Yes. An FPGA development board. I’m aware that a lot of people in IT infrastructure probably never heard about FPGA’s or maybe they heard about it but don’t really know what they are. Let me explain what it is before I dive into why I’m...

vRO Code – Finding VirtualMachines by Custom property


For the current project I’m involved in, I was asked to deliver a list of vRA deployed machines that have a Production status. At first I have been writing a short piece of code that obtained all vRA managed machines and for each machine gathered the customer properties. Creating this workflow actually took less time than the execution itself as the environment has about 4200 managed...

vRO Code – Calculate CIDR notation


Recently I ran into situations where I needed to supply a network address in CIDR notation to external systems (infoblox and the oracle GRID installer in my case) from a vRealize Orchestrator workflow. CIDR notation looks like this: So instead of specifying the subnet mask using the 4 bytes separated by dots it just tells how many bits are used for the network number. The thing...

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