vRO Code – Calculate CIDR notation

Recently I ran into situations where I needed to supply a network address in CIDR notation to external systems (infoblox and the oracle GRID installer in my case) from a vRealize Orchestrator workflow.

CIDR notation looks like this: So instead of specifying the subnet mask using the 4 bytes separated by dots it just tells how many bits are used for the network number.

The thing is, all you can get from vRA is the regular subnet mask ( in this example). Sometimes you can get away with a solution as simple as a few ifs or a switch/case but that’s not really the way to properly fix this.  I wanted to solve this once and for all so I wrote some JavaScript code for vRealize Orchestrator that calculates the number of bits in the mask and creates the CIDR network notation for you. Here it is:

  • Inputs for the script object or action:
    • gateway (String)
    • subnetMask (String)
  • Output:
    • cidr (String)

This script generates the network number but it can easily be adapted to return the ip address itself in CIDR notation.



2 thoughts on “vRO Code – Calculate CIDR notation”

  1. Line 6 should be “var numberOfBits = parseInt(maskPart, 10).toString(2).replace(/0/g,””).length;”

    1. I’m pretty sure it works fine as it is. But if you insist on using correct regex then your version is better 🙂

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